This very special film was invented by the brittish secret service, MI5, in the middle of the thirties. It was top secret and known only to a handfull of agents of the inner circle of MI5.
By a coincidence the young danish farmerson Preben Sörensen, got his hands on these two rolls of films during his military service. Upon his arrival from his service he placed, what he believed to be, two perfectly normal black and white films in a drawer. They were kept there until he a few years later, after the end of world war two, bought a camera, a new modern Leica III. Sörensen had by then inherited the farm. One of these days he remembered the films in the drawer. He loaded his camera and went out to get some pictures of his pride, the new plough.
Preben died recently, 82 years of age. He was until his death in a very good state and kept his sanity intact. I had the opportunity to meet him at several occations during the 80-ties and 90-ties and we became very close friends. During our last talk he told me this remarkable story that he so far had told no one. Partly he made this decission because he was afraid of the punishment he might get for his dishonest way in retriving the films, and partly because he´d been a witness to something he shouldn´t have seen. Preben then showed me an old yellowish copy of what was supposed to be a picture of his plough, and said to me;
”For as long as my parents and I have owned this farm there has been neiher sheep nor trolls on that medow. And they were definatly not there when I first took that picture of my new plough!”
Preben sent me the films just before he died. Both the exposed and the unexposed. He had kept them buried in his garden since 1949.
I´m lookin forward to present more pics from Prebens exposed film and to shoot my own from the unexposed.
This future job is depending on you keeping your mouth shut. Promise not to say anything to MI5 or any other similar authority. Nor my shrink.